Casino Apps

Casino Apps

Passionate players who also want to play mobile, usually appreciate the comfort of a casino online app and are thus looking for the best casino app . However, given the unmanageable number of mobile casino applications for mobile and tablet, it is hardly possible to name the best app. Instead, you can look at the top lists in the app stores or search online for reviews and experiences. At the same time, you should be aware in advance which casino games you would like to use on the iPhone, iPad, tablet or mobile phone .

Basically, you should put special emphasis on user comfort and security. In addition, of course, should be a serious and licensed provider behind the app. Which is the best app, so more or less each player must decide for themselves. On the plus side , however, are online casinos like JackpotCity , Mr Green and 888 Casino.

The best slot apps

Players who enjoy slot games will enjoy using mobile device to play online, making their mobile Android or iOS device a one-armed bandit. Those who opt for the application of a renowned online casino, usually has access to an attractive selection of slot machines and can therefore try regardless of time and place his luck.

In the search for the perfect slot machine app, you should first ask yourself the question of whether you want to play for real money or rather play without financial risk for play money. If this is the case, offer free slot apps from the app stores. Popular slot machine apps include Jackpot Slots, Big Win and Book of Ra . The online casino apps should by no means ignore machine fans.The best roulette apps

Many providers are active in the field of roulette apps, so that sometimes one gets a bit tired to get an overview.

A visit to the app store can help in this regard and those interested in the most popular roulette apps in mind. This shows that not only apps of the well-known casinos are available. If you want to play roulette with your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will also get your money's worth with the Merkur Roulette app .

The best blackjack apps

Black Jack is considered one of the most popular gambling and card games worldwide and also knows how to thrill in the world of online gambling. So it is not surprising that Black Jack has also found its way into mobile gaming. The offer is not limited to blackjack as part of classic casino apps, but also includes one or the other blackjack app in the App Store.

Android vs.. iOS

In connection with online casino apps, it is at least partially always about the competition between Android and iOS . Again and again it happens that an app is only available for Android or iOS, so that users of the other system have no access to the relevant mobile gaming offer due to lack of compatibility.

Since the operating system of the used mobile terminal is crucial, there is no choice for players. On the positive side, the major online casinos are aware of this problem and have renowned software partners at their side who offer casino apps for all common systems. Otherwise, using mobile websites that are played in the browser can be an alternative.

Understanding the Online Slot Machines

Casino Apps

When we talk about slots on the web and also gladly when we review slots we are dealing with concepts like RNG, RTP, hit frequency and many other concepts that can seem very confusing if you do not know what it means. Often when we use these terms in our reviews, we try to come up with some clarifying words at the same time. But it is not always easy to explain such a concept in a sentence. That's why we thought we should take a little look at these different things and try to bring some more clarity to the concepts.

Random number generator often called RNG

You've probably heard that a modern slot machine is built on something called a random number generator, or a random number generator. This will often be shortened to RNG in the industry. But what exactly is a random number generator and how does it work in a slot machine? A random number generator is nothing more than a microchip that is constantly generating numbers. The generated number gives a symbol a position on one of the reels on the slot machine, ergo each reel has its random number generator. A new number is generated approximately every millisecond, and the somewhat festive thing is that it also generates numbers even if no one plays on the machine. In the past, in the childhood of the slot machines, the player started a spin. The player could also influence the outcome to some extent as the amount of force he or she put into it when the lever was pulled. Now, on the other hand, the slot machine stands and makes spin outcomes all the time and what happens when you press the button is that you get to "see" the spin that was generated the moment you pressed the button. The spin has happened even if no one pressed the button. Fascinating to think about right?

A Slot Machine Hit

Rate The hit rate is a number that tells us how often a winning combination strikes. This is not a number you will often find entered in the information of the machine, naturally enough. The higher this number is, the more often a winning combination will be created. Or to put it another way: each wheel on the machine has a certain number of symbols and these can be combined with the symbols on the other wheels on the machine. Some of these combinations make a profit, others do not. The number of winning combinations divided by the number of possible combinations gives us the automatic hit rate.

This does not automatically mean that a machine with a high hit rate is the best to play on, because an automaton can have a high hit rate and low payouts, for example. Starburst is an example of a slot machine with a fairly high hit rate. A progressive slot machine has a hit rate of around 27000 to 1. It sounds a little disappearing, but when you consider that a new number becomes (RNG) every millisecond, it doesn't get too bad anyway.

Reimbursement Percentage

The reimbursement percentage is probably something you've seen more than once here at's slot machine reviews. This is a number given as a percentage indicating how much of what is played on the machine goes back to the players over time. This is calculated by taking the winnings table (most often under "i" in the slot machine) and then weighing how much each winnable combination is worth and dividing that number by the total number of combinations, times the number of coins played. Yes, we know, it's not easy to hang out here.

Most of the most popular machines are somewhere between 96 and 98%. However, it is also worth noting here that a high payback percentage, including return to player (RTP) does not necessarily mean that the slot machine is better than one with a low payback percentage. A slot game with a low payback percentage can hit less often, but with higher rewards. And a progressive slot machine may have a high payback percentage, but if it includes the jackpot the percentage will be high, even though the slot machine rarely turns on.

It is also important to note that the repayment rate is always over time. You cannot therefore expect that if you play for 100 kroner in a given gaming session, that you will have 98 kroner back when you have finished. A little more about it further down.

House advantage

At the other end of the RTP we have the house advantage. If a slot has RTP of 98.5% as the house edge of (100 to 98.5) 1.5%.

What is so slot volatility

A play automats error is a result of the automatic apparatus hit frequency and its payback and can only be controlled by change either RTP or hit rate or both. Volatility says something about the slot's built-in risk and is a number that indicates how many times a slot machine is spun before it falls within the payback percentage. That is, how many times you have to spin an automaton before you can count on taking home 98 of the previously mentioned 100 kroner you played. The higher the numbers, the higher the volatility and the more spin required before RTP is reached.

All this is good to know and is something every player should have in mind not to lose ground contact. But what is perhaps most important and one that should never be lost sight of is that playing at the casino should be fun. It is a form of entertainment. It should never be about winning money and not least about winning back money you have lost. It is more likely that you will lose more if you continue to play in such a situation.

The Key to Playing Safely at Online Casinos

The Key to Playing Safely at Online Casinos

Let's have a serious talk today. Last week, NRK program manager Fredrik Solvang put his finger in the wound on the gaming industry. Everyone got to review: Tipping, the state and of course also the private online casinos that we recommend here with us. We have raised this issue several times here at, because it is important to talk about the dangers of playing as well. We are perfectly clear that there is a danger in playing and we are not afraid to talk about it.

In the NRK program The debate became clear right from the start that Tipping tried as little as they could to create a difference in people's consciousness between playing at Tipping and playing at privately owned foreign casinos. The people, however, are no dumber than to see clearly that the divide consists more of who can advertise on television at the best broadcast time and who cannot.

But let's not sit down to complain, let's try to draw some lessons from the program and what the former gaming addict Ståle Matre told us.

Setting boundaries

Matre said he initially set boundaries and that he adhered to them. For example, he could say that he should play until twelve o'clock and then adhere to that limit. But then the next day he might see the border a little bit and the next time he saw it a little more and before he knew it he sat playing all night. This is a signal that one should be wary of above. Setting boundaries is important, but it is just as important to be aware of when you begin to stretch the boundaries. If you start to tighten the limits you have set, no matter how small, it is a signal to take seriously. And that means take a break and take a long one! Fill your time with something else.

Take responsibility for yourself

There will always be advertising or something that reminds you to play. You want completely personal triggers that make things that don't remind others about gaming, online slot machines or the like nevertheless remind you of it. So do not place the responsibility on others, nor on the authorities. It is possible that a controlled market would make it a little easier for you, but it is far from safe.

Take breaks even if you don't need it

We all know that it is not good to drink alcohol every day, that too much sitting is not good and so on, and so on. The same goes for example with gaming. It's not a good idea to gamble every day, or to play any kind of computer game for that matter. For most people it doesn't have to be a problem. Many of us can play a lot of a period and then get so tired that we never play again. But that is not the case for everyone, and only you know if you have the potential to develop a problem.

That's why we recommend you take longer breaks from the gameplay, even if you don't feel like you need it. That way you can keep a close eye on yourself and make sure you never develop a problem.

Remember that it should be fun to play

If, after playing, you do not have a good feeling, it is probably because you have exceeded some limit: You have played for more than you could afford, you have spent too much time playing the game you have overlooked other priorities in favor of playing.

So if it is no longer fun to play, then take a long break and we do not mean a week or two. No, we are talking about breaks of 6 months and more.

Accept that you lost

This is closely related to the point above: If you have lost your money then accept the loss and stop playing. Trying to win back the money you lost is rarely a good idea. It will probably lead to greater losses, so forget it.

Don't take out a loan to play

Playing on credit is not smart. You will lose the money and in addition sit back with a debt. That being said, there is actually a legal basis in law not to repay gambling debts. Section 12.1 of the Act on the entry into force of the General Civil Penal Code of 1902 states: " There is no obligation of gambling and betting, and a recognition of the debt thus incurred is non-binding ". That means in practice that you can go to a lawyer for help not to repay the debt. It's going to be a long and tiring process and you have to pay the lawyer, of course, but the opportunity is there.

Do not combine games with alcohol or other stimulants

It may sound obvious, but it's worth mentioning anyway. Alcohol and drugs often make us a little overbearing and we may want to stretch the boundaries a little further. So stick to non-alcoholic drinks and such when playing.

But what about when you win?

So now you have been given good advice on what to do if you lose, but what if you win, what should you do then? Well, it does get a little annoying. If you have won with a casino bonus, in most cases you must fill out a wagering requirement. Now you should ideally have read the bonus rules first and already have an idea of how much of the money is actually yours. But we are people and most of us read the operating instructions as the last resort, and this also applies to the casino. So you haven't checked the bonus rules before, so do it now.

If you have won a good sum and you know how much of your money is yours, make sure your account is verified as soon as possible. This is a process that may take some time, so don't get nervous. No one is trying to fool you or waste time.

Don't play when you are deppa

So at last before we let go you are one last thing to remember and it is not to play if you are bad with yourself. If you are in a bad mood or are depressed, then games will not help you. It is as bad a drug for the purpose as alcohol is, to put it that way.

Should you have ended up in disability then do not try to place blame, do not focus on the problem. Instead, try to focus on solutions. What can you do to get help, what can you do to think of something else. Turn the problem into something positive. It is always possible.

Probability of Gambling at Casino

Probability of Gambling at Casino

When talking about hazard games such as gambling and gambling at the casino often called, the topic almost always comes up with this with probability. And most often, those who do not play talk about this probability. Naturally, one might say, because if you are of the logical and mathematical type concerned with such things as probability calculations, then you are hardly tempted to play the casino. Unless you have found an opportunity to use the probability calculation to your advantage. But what is this probability, really? Well, probability calculation or, quite simply, the theory of probability, is the very basis of the part of mathematics used in games. We are likely to understand the chance or possibility of a particular event occurring. It is considered to be an estimate that estimates the average frequency of a given event occurring in a series of independent experiments, if these are repeated in similar circumstances. Sounds complicated? An example will make it much clearer and put it in an understandable perspective: A dice has six sides, and ergor is the probability that you get the number 2 when you roll the dice is 1 of 6, no matter how many times you roll the dice. - All the numbers on the dice also have the same probability of hitting.

The relative frequency for an event to occur lies somewhere between the probability that it never occursand that it always occurs , which in reality means that the probability always lies somewhere between 0% and 100%. Knowing how to use the knowledge of the likelihood of something happening will allow you to predict that an event might occur. Unfortunately, it does not give us the most important thing, namely the opportunity to predict the exact moment the event will occur.

You can also use probability in-game calculations to estimate the conditions for achieving certain results, or you can use them to estimate the chances of winning a game over time. Probability is also a tool that can be used to estimate how much or little advantage a game will give you in comparison to another and ergo which you should bet on. This is something that is most often stated as odds. Preferably as a decimal or a fraction number.

But within games there are several variables that casino players should have in mind and one of these is the outcome room. And despite the strange name, the outcome room is no different description of all possible outcomes. If we go back to the example of the cube then the outcome space is one, two, three, four, five and six because there are all possible outcomes of a cube throw. At a casino game and especially at a slot machine, the outcome room is temporarily quite large.

So, what we as a player should be aware of is that in order to calculate the probability of a particular event, we should first know the number of possible outcomes. Then we should know the number of individual items related to each event. Our problem with games such as slot machines is that we do not know these variables. In some cases we get some variables provided by the game developer, but these only give us parts of the picture and not enough parts to be able to calculate the whole picture.

If probability calculation is a topic that concerns you, then casino slot machines are probably not the game you prefer. Then you should try card games like blackjack and other table games.

The probability of Roulette

Roulette is basically a simple game and it is a good example of probability calculation. For example, an American roulette has 38 possible outcomes. These are the numbers from 1 to 36, plus 0 and the double 0 (00) that is specific to American roulette. Half of the numbers are red and the other half are black. This is enough information to help you calculate the probability of a particular outcome. If you are now in a physical casino where physics is also an influencing element then you can compare the probability with the outcomes you observe and find out if a side of the roulette has an advantage and in case it has that much. You always want to strive for a roulette to be as balanced as possible, but there are always things that allow it to tilt a little to one side or the other.

Probability of Blackjack

Those who count cards and such to try to win over the house prefer to play blackjack. This is because when you play dice or roulette, every event has exactly the same probability of occurring each time the dice is thrown or every time the wheel is spun. That's not the case in blackjack. In blackjack, the result in one game will affect the outcome of the next game because a card can only appear once in each deck. In other words, it has memory.

A blackjack pays 3 to 2. There is a hand consisting of two cards that together give 21. There are only two card values that can give this hand and it is the ace (which is counted as both 1 and 11) along with 10, jack, lady or king who also counts as 10. Ergo if all aces in the deck are used up then it becomes impossible to get blackjack. Similarly, for every photo card shared, the opportunity to get a blackjack is also lost. Plus, for every time a card with a lower card value is dealt, such as cards two, three, four, five or six, it slightly increases the player's advantage. So if you were a card counter then you would count a low card as +1 and a photo card as -1. The more cards you get on the positive scale the greater your advantage and you might want to increase your stake in the game.

However, it is true that most of us have no probability or mathematics to do with the game. We play because we enjoy ourselves, simply. It is good entertainment and it appeals to different parts of our nature. It appeals to our competitive instinct which is part of our survival instinct, it appeals to the hunter within us and it appeals to the collector. But if you think the math part of the game is entertaining too then by all means. There is an endless amount of material you can immerse yourself in. John von Neumann is one of the great mathematicians of game theory, so it might be a good place to start.

If you want to try either slot machines, live roulette or counting cards in live blackjack then Big Player Casino is an excellent place to develop their skills.